We undertake technical managerial tasks and complete quarry drilling, blasting works, mining-related analyses, technical preparation of operating plans, and reclamation plans for stone and gravel quarries.




  • Dolomite quarries, Kovesgyur. Blasting and managing services for THERMIX Concrete Ltd.
  • Veszprem-Kadarta and Balatonalmadi-Megyehegy dolomite quarries. Blasting services for KOTES Ltd.
  • Limestone quarry, Versend. Blasting services for Versendko Profit Ltd.
  • Gravel quarry, Szekesfehervar. Managerial services for Imre-Major Ltd.
  • Sand quarry, Adony. Managerial services for Leel-Ossy Ltd.

We have extensive knowledge in stone certification, which is carried out in partnership with BME, Department of Construction Materials and Engineering.

We undertake mine wall stability analyses as well as recommendation, planning, and constructing solutions.